YB3 PL Kicks Cup

Friday 27th October 2017

Kicks Squad: Ethan Grant (Captain), Robert Lee, Shaun Mvula and Ronaldo Gashi

On Friday 27th October, 4 ‘Kicks’ participants represented Watford FC CSE Trust at the YB3 Cup, held at The Middlesex Stadium. This skills based social inclusion event hosted by Everton winger Yannick Bolasie in partnership with the Premier League, was aimed at engaging hard to reach young people and bringing communities together. Based at the home of Hillingdon Borough, London based clubs and Bolasie’s previous sides, participated in a 3v3 style tournament which allowed the young people to express themselves on an octagonal shaped pitch – where nutmegs proved to be as important as goals! 

Our Watford ‘Kicks’ team topped their group which comprised of Arsenal, QPR, Plymouth and Hillingdon Borough, thanks to Ethan’s athleticism and awareness and the flair and creativity of Robert, Shaun and Ronaldo. A convincing 2-0 Quarter Final win set up a clash against Tottenham in the Last 4. Despite some fantastic close control, decision making and teamwork on show, Spurs ran out 3-2 winners in a game packed with excitement and sportsmanship! Our participants can be extremely proud of their efforts throughout the whole competition playing against older opposition and were unlucky not to reach the final. 

Yannick Bolasie was ever present at the event, acting as a role model for the young people. He offered advice and guidance based on his experiences around football pathways and improving performance, but also the importance of education, employment and community cohesion. 

“The Kicks programme is truly impressive and making a great impact on young people’s lives. YB3 is about helping to find a format that develops a player’s skill and gets them thinking about where and how they express themselves on the pitch to make the biggest impact on a game” (Yannick Bolasie)

Our young people showed a mature attitude from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the tournament and the freestyling skill challenges. They were very grateful to get the opportunity to meet the Premier League star and his team, as well as engaging with participants from other clubs and exchanging banter with Arsenal Fan TV Troopz! They represented the Community Trust in the best possible fashion!

“The YB3 Kicks Cup was a great experience as I got to meet one of my favourite players who is a great inspiration to young people. I would like to thank Yannick Bolasie for planning the tournament and I hope he organises others in the future which I can attend. It was a great opportunity to integrate with other communities from around the country, play great football and gain valuable knowledge from professionals!” (Shaun Mvula)

“I really enjoyed the day. I got to meet lots of good people, and was reunited with old friends. All the games were competitive, and it was a shame not to win the trophy! (Ethan Grant)