Term & Conditions


1.1 You can book for any number of courses considering the participant meets the age requirements for those courses.

1.2 Spaces on each course are subject to availability.

1.3 Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust reserves the right to stop accepting bookings at any time.

1.4 In order to make a booking, you will need to follow the process of the Trust website (watfordfccsetrust.com). Alternatively upon agreement with Trust staff, we may accept other forms of payment.  Please note; we do not accept American Express as a payment option.

1.5 Unfortunately we are unable to accept Child Care Vouchers as we are not Ofsted registered.

1.6 All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis and full payment is required with booking. The closing date is at the discretion of the Trust.

1.7 Payments are taken in pounds sterling.

1.8 If payment has not been made, the Trust holds the rights to refuse inclusion in said session.

1.9 Payments made through PayPal are subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions. 


2.1 You must declare any medical conditions or medication that the participant requires on the application form, inclusive of dietary requirements and allergies. 

2.2 If required the customer/participant will provide the Trust with appropriate medication in a named bottle.

2.3 Please note it is Watford FC CSE Trust policy that coaches/staff cannot administer any form of medication.


3.1 Once your booking is complete; a confirmation page will load on your screen informing you that you have a space on the course. This page is printable. You will receive your booking confirmation by email so please ensure you provide a valid email address when booking.

3.2 If the confirmation screen does not load or you do not receive your confirmation email, please contact us immediately to confirm that your booking has been received. Please note that emails may have found their way into your "Junk" or "Spam" folders, so please check there first.

3.3 All customers who have purchased a course through the Trust website must bring confirmation letter to the first session for inspection by Trust staff.


4.1 Refunds will be given for courses cancelled by the Trust.

4.2 All customer refunds are at the Discretion of the Trust.

4.3 In the event of illness or injury where 2 or more days are missed, the customer may be entitled to a refund, the responsibility is with the customer to contact Trust staff prior to the course. Failure to do so may result in refund refusal. A medical certificate may be required. 

4.4 In the event of inclement weather, we are not obliged to process a refund unless otherwise agreed.


5.1 Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust reserves the right to cancel a course at any time. In this instance you will be notified at least 48 hours before the course commences and a full refund or an alternative course will be given.


6.1 Although the Trust will advise, it is the responsibility of the participant/customer to ensure appropriate wear is worn this includes varying weather conditions or the use of protective wear (shin pads).

6.2 Please note staff are not permitted to supply or apply sun cream to a young person or vulnerable adult by law.


7.1 Please note that by ticking ‘yes’ in the consent to marketing box you are confirming that you are happy to be contacted with information about offers, future courses and the work of the Trust. 

7.2 This includes contact via email, post, phone, and text. 

7.3 Please note email marketing is carried out by both Goodform and Mailchimp on behalf of Watford FC and Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust. 

7.4 This information will not be passed on to any third parties.


8.1 By ticking ‘yes’ in the consent to photographs box, you are agreeing to the taking of photographs and/or filming of the activities during your child’s time on the course. Please note this may involve footage of your child. 

8.2 This may then be shared publicly and/or used for future publicity including the next brochure, posters, social media or website.


9.1 All data gathered on this form will be stored securely on the Trust’s monitoring and evaluation platform, Substance Views. 

9.2 No copies of this data will be shared with any external organisations and will be used solely by Watford Football Club and Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust to monitor progress unless otherwise consented. 

9.3 Full data protection policy is available upon request