Trust in Local Schools

Core Participation

The School Sports Programme is packed full of a variety of ways in which the Trust can get involved with local schools and engage with their students. The Trust is able to deliver; 

  • Breakfast Clubs, 
  • Lunchtime Clubs
  • After School clubs 
  • Curriculum / PPA cover sessions. 

All of the above options can be tailored dependant on the schools needs, including using a variety of sports and targeting specific groups of children.

All sessions delivering by the Trust aim to develop pupils confidence, teamwork, social skills whilst and encourage children to be passionate about the power of sport. The Trust will supply fully qualified coaches, all coaches have in date FA Safeguarding and FA Emergency Aid qualifications as well as a DBS check.

The Trust also seeks to support local schools over a number of different events throughout the year - potentially support  can be offered to schools through summer fetes or host a sponsored penalty shoot out - which helps raise money for the school.

Based on pupil and school development the Trust shows a big commitment in its support to local schools, if you would like any further information on the packages available, please contact Ben Wells, details to the right of this section. 

Funded Programmes

Premier League Primary Stars 


In partnership with the Premier League this programme is delivered for free to local schools across Hertfordshire and Harrow. 


This is a teacher education programme where football is used as a vehicle for learning with the children (although the sessions are designed to allow a focus on fundamental movement skills, problem solving and decision making skills that can be easily transferred in other sports). The teacher has to be working alongside the coach, so that the coach can explain the sessions in detail, with the overall aim of making the teacher more confident around delivering PE. 


The teacher will receive a number of resources to support this including session plans and can be adapted to meet the needs of the teacher. This programme last for a whole term (10 weeks).


Move and Learn – 

In partnership with the Ferrero and their Kinder + Sport brand to be able to deliver this programme for free to local schools across Hertfordshire and Harrow. 

This is a healthy living programme with two components to the session – one part is inside, where students are educated around healthy living elements, using interactive handsets to engage with their learning. Second part is the practical, 2 weeks football, 2 weeks handball and 2 weeks dodgeball. Delivered over a half term (6 weeks in total).

The Trust has a proud history of delivering funded programmes to local schools and we will continue to do this for years to come. If your school is interested in any of the above programmes being delivered to your students please don't hesitate to contact Ben Wells, School Sport Manager.