The Premier League (PL) Enterprise is a programme designed to help tackle the issue of under-achievement at school, the challenges with individuals lacking aspiration and ambition and the broader issue of ensuring young people have the skills required to make the most of their lives and more specifically employment and self-employment opportunities.

Using the power of football as a hook, the aim of the Premier League Enterprise Programme is to engage and to inspire young people to learn about business, enterprise and the world of work through the day-to-day operations of a professional Football Club. The Enterprise programme offers two incorporated opportunities;

The Challenge

A team of five students from local schools are set a football related business task and are then challenged to research and design their solution in the form of a presentation. The pupils will then present their ideas to a panel aiming to get through to the play offs and final. The challenge is set by Richard Scudamore (the Premier League’s executive chairman) and allows participating teams to learn more about different aspects of their Football Club including marketing, finance and customer service as well as developing key entrepreneurial skills which are put to the test throughout the Challenge.

PL Enterprise Core Programme

An opportunity for schools to select 15 students lacking confidence and/or under-achieving to undertake a 8-week enterprise programme incorporated into their timetable. Structured into a launch day at the Club followed by approximately 6 x 1.5 hour teaching blocks delivered at the school by a fully trained coordinator. The Trust will then work closely with schools and educational providers to fit the programme appropriately into the students timetable and adapt delivery methods and workshop slots to fit the schools or student’s requirements. The programme covers workshops on business objectives, marketing, public information and customer services. Using delivery methods of engaging videos, interactive group sessions and presentations the course aims to build confidence and develop skills in communication, team work and public speaking. All key skills needed in the business environment.