Positive opportunities for the whole community

Watford FC's CSE Trust in partnership with Hertfordshire County FA are responsible for delivering the county wide DFDF project (Disability Football Development Fund), this project allows any organisation or group working with people who have a disability up to 20 hours’ worth of free football support. 

The Trust has a real passion and drive to work with anybody who could benefit from a positive football experience, irrelevant of disability or special need and are proud to have worked with a variety of disability organisations, grassroots clubs, schools, colleges and individuals across the county to provide sustainable football opportunities. 

Success stories vary from building up an individual’s confidence through attending weekly football sessions, to creating a complete new grassroots team (attached to a current club) that competes regularly in the Herts Inclusive League.  

There are numerous sessions taking place across the county, some are impairment specific and some are inclusive (PAN Disability sessions), some sessions are weekly and some happen monthly.

If you would like any information regarding inclusive football sessions or if you would like to enquire into whether your organisation or group would qualify for support through DFDF please get in touch with Ben Wells (contact details to the right of this section).

To keep up to date follow the DFDF project on Facebook and Twitter.